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Friday, December 22, 2006

This makes for an interesting topic...

It's been quite a week. On Christmas vacation, we have so far:
1. Spent a day doing crafts
2. Spent a day shopping 'til we (literally) dropped (Spunky fell asleep on the Christian bookstore floor)
3. Spent a day baking
4. Spent above day's afternoon observing toddler for drunkenness

WHAT??! Yes, Spunky got hold of the mint baking extract. I called Poison Control immediately. After doing the calculations for his bodyweight, the nurse explained that the amount he'd possibly ingested was enough to intoxicate him. After hanging on the line while I fed him a cookie with juice, she gave me further instructions to keep him with me at all times, and observe for signs of drunkenness--staggering, slurring of speech, stumbling. OK, so how exactly does one observe for signs that normally encompass a toddler's life anyway?! The child does not speak a word, and he wipes out for fun on a regular basis. As it turned out, I did not notice anything different with his demeanor. Apparently, he didn't ingest much, if any, after all...though he smelled like a little after-dinner mint for the rest of the day.

Mothers beware!