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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

8 Years of Our "Force of Nature"

Eight years ago, after a hard birth with a broken clavicle and absence of breathing, I held my little "force of nature" in my arms for the first time. My Eaglet.

He came in with a bang and continues to be our little firecracker. I love his positive energy, along with so many other wonderful traits, including:

I love Eaglet's heart. He received a birthday card in the mail a few days ago with $8.00 in it. His eyes became real wide as he counted his money. A few minutes later, he came running to me with a Samaritan's Purse magazine. It was opened to a page that described how for $9.00, you can feed a hungry baby or nursing mother for a week. "That's what I want to do with my money, Mommy."

I love Eaglet's artistic bent. He spends hours per week with a pencil in his hand. His birthday request was to climb the Butte and draw.

I love Eaglet's can-do spirit. He is very decisive. When something needs to be done, he gets up and gets it done.

I love watching these gifts and talents as they unfold.... I love that about parenting all my precious little knights! Love knowing that God has good plans in store for them to use these things to His glory; they're already livin' it. What else is in store?

I love you, Eaglet. I'm so thankful that part of The Master's Plan is for you to be a part of this family of ours!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Off the Deep End

We've had some BIG developments with the adoption plans here in Boyland this week. (big breath)

We found out we've been chosen to parent a baby....a caucasion baby....due sometime in June.

Interestingly, this baby will probably look a lot like Tony and I....YES. We just discovered that God has blessed us with a new little person inside! This has been a very wild, unexpected turn of events for us. Some may say after sixteen years of marriage we'd have better control over these things...but really, it's not for us to control. We've always left the option open. This was perfectly orchestrated timing...though not by us.

We're really excited to be, God-willing, welcoming TWO new ones into our family in the near future...

...because we're still following through with our adoption plans...

We're still researching and planning to see more of what our adjusted time-table looks like. We'll be welcoming our little one by birth and settling in before we can follow-through with some of our adoption details. There are still many things that we'll, God-willing, continue with now, before our baby-by-birth arrives. You may ask, "Are we CRAZY?" Do you really need to ask?! We know, however, that this is God's plan for us. He is the dream-giver, and the One who put this into our hearts. We have a child waiting to be born, and a child waiting somewhere in the world for us to come to her. We don't want to miss out, and so, we've closed our eyes, taken a deep breath and jumped off the deep end. It's an invigorating, and sort of scary place to be!

Yesterday, the morning after we found out our big news, I opened up my Max Lucado devotional and here's what the Lord had to say to me:

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? Psalm 27:1

Jesus says the options are clear. On one side is the voice of safety. You can build a fire in the hearth, stay inside, and stay warm and dry for what you don't try, right? You can't fall if you don't take a stand, right? You can't lose your balance if you never climb, right? So don't try it. Take the safe route.

Or you can hear the voice of adventure--God's adventure. Instead of building a fire in the hearth, build a fire in your heart. Follow God's impulses. Adopt the child. Move overseas. Teach the class. Change careers. Run for office. Make a difference . Sure it isn't safe, but what is? --Max Lucado

We have one shot at this, People. One human life to live, and one legacy to leave. What is it that He is whispering in your heart? What chance is it He's asking you to take? Let's not miss out on a single adventure or blessing He has for us.