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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Nearly September....

...here's what been happening in Boyland!

Keiki started on real (sort of) food! He's tried brown rice, carrots, apples, and peas so far. His favorite by far is carrots. He loves 'em so much we have to cut him off after a jar or so.

Wise Bobcat celebrated his birthday!

I keep staring at this photo...because I see a glimpse of "the man" here.

How in THE WORLD did I become a mother of a nine-year-old? This is going way, way too fast.

Check out this handsome little man! Eaglet escorted his Grandmom to a wedding--his first one.

This pose was Eaglet's own idea. He was very, very excited to be all dressed up....and those of you who know Eaglet know that makes him very, very squirrely and shy. I think he felt comforted being somewhat hidden here.

His synopsis? 1--The cake was beautiful. 2--The place they were at was all-you-can-eat, as far as Eaglet was concerned, and he had delicious fish. 3--The bride was beautiful (insert sheepish grin.) 4--They were kissing when it was eating time; they were even kissing while they were supposed to be dancing. "They just thought it was...kissing time."

We've made it up Hatcher's several times this summer--thank goodness. Last year I don't remember if we made it even once? Here we are on a recent blueberry expedition. Grandmom deserves kudos for taking this shot--for taking the shot quickly in that one second while they were all still and looking in the same direction.

Keiki has been mobile now for quite awhile. He rolls all over the living room, and is now working very hard on getting those knees up under himself. Ohhhhh boy.

And this one's just plain cute. One's losing his teeth, the other's growing his teeth.

We had a great adventure down in Ninilchik last weekend, but I'll save that for it's own post.