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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just Snowshoein'

Our Alaskan boys have been out on their new snowshoes every day since Christmas save one. What a great gift from Grandmom and Grandpa...I foresee a lot of use of these for years to come!

Our Little "Joseph"

Our church has a tradition of a "living nativity" the Sunday before Christmas. The preschoolers bless us with a very precious reminder of Christ coming as a little child...while the choir (including the grade-school kids) sing. Our little Spunky played Joseph this year...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The First Load...All Hues of Blue

OOOOO....I love all these blues! I finally was able to indulge in washing the first loads of our newest son's teeny-weeny little clothes. Tony and Spunky have been busy painting and setting up the crib.......so now it's been my turn to fuss about and do the new mommy nesting thing! I love having this room all (almost) set up......and dreaming about all the precious, tender times we will share with our baby son in here. I'm so happy we're having this baby...I'm overwhelmed with the fact that God Himself came to us in this most humble and precious and vulnerable form. I'm overwhelmed with the fact that that same God also has laid out each and every day and purpose for this little one that we're about to meet any day.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"I Winned a Cwuvverin' Test!"

MTA sponsored a kids' coloring contest this year. Here's our little winner:

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rollercoaster of a Weekend

This past weekend will be set in my memory for a long time. It's been packed full of activity, and packed full of emotion. Friday night we rejoiced as our 6-year-old Eaglet overcame his fear and went up on stage for his Christmas concert...
then felt a sting as we sent my beloved Grandma Dorothy back home to Wisconsin.

Early Saturday morning we felt shock and sadness as we learned our church building had been set on fire and extensively damaged...

....and yet felt God's peace and hope...because we know that though someone tried to destroy our church, our Church cannot be destroyed. We joyfully met with friends from Rwanda whom we haven't seen for five years... and then were blessed by my goddaughter's ballet performance. She, like our Eaglet, has worked so hard to overcome her shyness: First coat of paint on the nursery walls, and we were off to "It's a Wonderful Life Night" at some dear friends' home. It was so comforting to enjoy the warmth of their home, group prayer for our church, sustaining food, and friendships. We finally made our way home, exhausted yet content. Today our boys were contentedly at home with Grandmom in charge. It had been a long several days for them, and they needed some time to rest and play and not go anywhere. Tony and I had plans to Christmas shop for the day after attending the Wasilla Bible Church service. We are back to meeting in the Wasilla Middle School--physically displaced, but renewed in faith and hope. The service was packed, and NEVER have I experienced a more Spirit-filled service in our dear church. No frills. No childcare. No Sunday school. Three instruments and five musically gifted brothers and sisters led us in worship. It was deep worship from the heart. Deep emotions. Glory to our Savior. We spilled out of the school after services and made our way back across the parking lot, across the street and into the high school parking lot where we'd had to park. The day was crisp, well below-zero...and beautifully clear and bright. Sunshine poured down and the frosty sillhouettes of trees and foliage shimmered. What a beautiful day. What a blessing to have such a full weekend...such a full life. To borrow a quote from a fellow blogger/friend..."I'm just so thank-FULL."

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blessed Big-Time

Wow. Not even sure I have the words for this post. I was SO BLESSED this past weekend with love, encouragement, prayers, gifts, FRIENDS. This is a group shot from Baby Alek's and my baby shower last Saturday. What an amazing time. Been to a lot of baby showers...but never have I felt such blessing and peace from the Spirit as I did at this one. We had a wonderful, heart-felt group prayer time together and I even had a song written for and performed for me. This will be one of my best life memories; I'll cherish it always. I am truly speechless by the number of positive, loving, God-loving women (and their families) that God has brought into my life. Another precious thing was that my 78-year-old grandma was here from Wisconsin. It was such a blessing to have her at this shower. Thank you to Mom, Grandma, Tracee, Heidi, and all of you who made this such a wonderfully special day for me.
It also seems as though this shower was planned with perfect timing. An appointment with my midwife yesterday confirmed that our little guy is very anxious to make his way out! He dropped Monday night, and I have instructions to take it easy and try and make it another 2 1/2 weeks. If things keep progressing, it will be bed rest time until that 2 1/2 weeks are up. I feel peace in knowing that he will born at the perfect time.
I'm so excited, and find myself in irrational states of nesting. The boys and I went out to buy a car seat yesterday...and bought everything for the baby from Target but a car seat. Now if we could just get that nursery painted...and a crib purchased and put up! Plans are for this weekend--I can't wait to have that little room all ready and waiting for our precious 4th son.