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Friday, February 16, 2007

Repeat Offender...

Despite this poor-quality photo, you can see our little guy was at it again today. I wish I could say this is only the second time he's taken off on a solo outdoor adventure, but it's not. If only he would start talking, perhaps our budding ornithologist would tell us when he was about to ascend on another of his field trips! We could at least help him attain the proper gear--I'm not sure why he insists on wearing only Daddy's shoes when he takes off bird watching??
His objects of affection are shown below. We had several of these gorgeous Pine Grosbeaks at our feeder today and yesterday.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fitting for Valentine's Day...

Wise Bobcat asked to put my ring back on my finger after we made valentine cookies today. We started talking about marriage; here's what he has to say on the matter of weddings:

"So...my wife will buy me a ring....and I will buy my wife a ring....and we will offer them to each other. It reminds me of science--about how the birds, when they mate, offer each other food!!" (Picture him giving me an "eskimo kiss" as he states the last part of that.

Oh dear.

Picture This...

I didn't have the heart to take the time to shoot a photo of this morning's excitement, so you'll have to picture this:

It was a rare few moments of peace. I was taking care of some desperately-needed, deep-cleaning in the kitchen, as the older two boys were happily drawing at the table. Spunky, I thought, was playing in the living room. Suddenly, one of the boys exclaimed, "MOMMY!! Spunky is outside!!" "What?!" I asked, as I hurriedly went to the window to check out the situation. Sure enough--there was 2-year-old Spunky--tears streaming down his face, standing in the snow in his socks by the bird feeder, clutching his beloved "Lambykins", with Daddy's hiking boots toppled over nearby. It would have made a GREAT blog photo...but I couldn't justify prolonging his suffering in the name of blogging.