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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All in One Year

One year ago today, I was 10 days post-due, labor began, I was in denial over it, and running all over Wasilla for various appointments. Today, my toddler baby is thrilling our hearts as he pitter-patters throughout our home. His babbles and giggles bring us unfathomable joy...and we are even more in love with this baby! This week he began to walk more than crawl...and our days of being a nursing couplet are coming to a close. All this in one year. My mommy-heart is so full...of memories...of hopes...and my tears fall freely. As is the case when one's heart is so incapable of expressing feelings in words, things are best expressed with music. And so, I share our little Keiki's first birthday gift with you...a walk through his first year set to his birth music. Settle in and enjoy; it is lengthy--be sure to watch through the entire three songs!