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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Amazing Christmas

What an amazing, fun, and meaningful Christmas season we enjoyed this year! Each year I try harder to be more purposeful about what activities we'll be part of. There are so many fun opportunities, but it's so important to choose just a few and enjoy them well. In that way, there is time for stillness--time to "just be"--and enjoy home and family and tradition. One of our favorite traditions around here is the Christmas baking. On one of our baking days, the fullness of what Christmas means hit me with full force. It was spoken to my mother heart, and with tears streaming down my cheeks, I knew I did not want to let go of it. I jotted the following down, so I could remember what my heart felt at that moment:

"There's a still moment just now. I hear Christmas music softly playing and I'm baking Christmas cookies with the big brothers...while our baby rummages around under the table for crumbs. Somehow this moment holds perfection. Snow is coming down and is blanketing everything...and I am pondering the deep love I have for these children...thinking of the fierce love I have for them when I hold them tight...imagining a young woman thinking the same things and feeling the same things in her heart as she cradled her baby...only her baby was God. Think about this for a moment--God put himself in the hands of humans."

God Incarnate was willingly in the imperfect hands of humans--humans like me--who lie and cheat and steal and are innately selfish. Yet He was willing to walk that road....all for the love He had and continues to have for us all.

This reality, thankfully, sunk into my heart early in the Christmas season. A couple weeks later, on our shopping date, Tony and I walked past a local art gallery and saw this amazing picture. Immediately the tears welled-up in my eyes as I took in this beautiful rendition of Jesus as a toddler. It spoke to me so loudly, as a mother of so many little men.

"Walking with God"

Every Christmas that allows for enough stillness to allow this truth to seep in is an amazing Christmas!

Even though being with my treasured family was my very favorite gift of all, I also received a gift that will always remind me of this Christmas. On Christmas morning, Tony handed me a gift. I unwrapped it, and once again tears fell as I stared into that touching picture of toddler Christ. Seriously--can you even fathom the Savior of men as a toddler? He was a trusting toddler who depended on men for all of his earthly needs. He truly knows my road.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Eaglet and the Big 0-7

Happy Birthday to our first "middle son"!

Last weekend we celebrated Eaglet. 7 years of pedal-to-the-metal fun we've had with this guy. Birthday Boy decided to go bowling with the family for his birthday. "The building looks like a barn" he noted...which was great, since the birthday theme was "farm". As many of you know, Eaglet is an aspiring farmer. He plans to go organic, and is still trying to decide if he will actually butcher animals or not. (As one dear friend noted, that would go perfectly with his "meat biznis.")

Alas, the only meat on the menu on this day was ham on the requested Papa Murphy pizza. After lunch, we had a "hay hunt" for candy in the backyard.

Then it was on to an old-fashioned apple bob...and let me tell you--it was a hoot! I wish I had digital pictures to share of that, but the only pictures are on my Canon. Daddy and Bobcat came out on top. Bobcat was really into it...he wound up taking off his shirt, even. So no pictures of that...but here is the apple bob tub:

Eaglet isn't real into cake, so he requested mom's scratch apple pies instead. I goofed and tried to make them with the "healthy" fat. Next time it's back to the regular ol', artery-clogging Crisco. Although nobody really complained, I guess. We also ate "chicken feed" (popcorn, sunflower seeds, and candy corn) and Cow Tails. Eaglet was pretty grossed-out by that. Bobcat and Spunky had theirs 1/2 eaten, while Eaglet was still questioning if it was candy or actual cow meat.

Our Eaglet is a total gift. He is "the catalyst" in the family. He adds zest and noise and MUCH joy to our days.

Thank you Lord for another year with this little boy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Home is Used

Today I felt blessed...because our home is USED. Upon returning home I maneuvered through the evidence from our afternoon:

a) a huge train track all set up in a way I could never duplicate
b) scads of paper with amazing drawings
c) an entire living room set up as a farm
d) Little House on the Prairie cut-outs, depicting the most recently read chapter of On the Shores of Silver Lake
e) baked-clay creations from yesterday
f) a 1/2 assembled wooden helicopter kit

Oh yes...and the dirty dishes from lunch. I remember dreaming years ago about the household I hoped to be a part of someday--where home was where the action was at--where you couldn't wait to get back so you could see what was shakin'. Let me tell you...that dream has come true. We are quaking at about 8.5, and I'm loving it!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Nearly September....

...here's what been happening in Boyland!

Keiki started on real (sort of) food! He's tried brown rice, carrots, apples, and peas so far. His favorite by far is carrots. He loves 'em so much we have to cut him off after a jar or so.

Wise Bobcat celebrated his birthday!

I keep staring at this photo...because I see a glimpse of "the man" here.

How in THE WORLD did I become a mother of a nine-year-old? This is going way, way too fast.

Check out this handsome little man! Eaglet escorted his Grandmom to a wedding--his first one.

This pose was Eaglet's own idea. He was very, very excited to be all dressed up....and those of you who know Eaglet know that makes him very, very squirrely and shy. I think he felt comforted being somewhat hidden here.

His synopsis? 1--The cake was beautiful. 2--The place they were at was all-you-can-eat, as far as Eaglet was concerned, and he had delicious fish. 3--The bride was beautiful (insert sheepish grin.) 4--They were kissing when it was eating time; they were even kissing while they were supposed to be dancing. "They just thought it was...kissing time."

We've made it up Hatcher's several times this summer--thank goodness. Last year I don't remember if we made it even once? Here we are on a recent blueberry expedition. Grandmom deserves kudos for taking this shot--for taking the shot quickly in that one second while they were all still and looking in the same direction.

Keiki has been mobile now for quite awhile. He rolls all over the living room, and is now working very hard on getting those knees up under himself. Ohhhhh boy.

And this one's just plain cute. One's losing his teeth, the other's growing his teeth.

We had a great adventure down in Ninilchik last weekend, but I'll save that for it's own post.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Date!

Time for a little blog catch-up. I've been (gasp) nosing around facebook and haven't been keeping up with my bloggly duties...

July 3rd the 3 big boys went for a sleep-over with Grandmom and Grandpa, and Tony and I took our little keiki on a date! We hit 2 favorites--Happy Family for Chinese and Hatcher Pass! Truth be told, we also hit a few other favorites during our date-marathon, including Dairy Queen for Blizzards and the local dive for chowder......but who's keeping tabs.... So here are some pictures from Hatcher's...because none of you really want to see pictures of us eating Chinese food...Blizzards....and local chowder. And yes, I really DID swim in Summit Lake, and it was wonderful!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

PETA Beware...

Our little entreprenuer started up a "Meat Bisnis" this past weekend. Simply put--he shoots, he sells. Blame it on our summer reading--Little House on the Prairie. I must go--I hear a buffalo hunt going on downstairs...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bobcat Earns 3rd Gup!

Breaking boards!

Instructor/Test Examiner awarding and congratulating Bobcat on his new rank.

All the youth who tested on this day with their instructors.

We're so proud of our little guy. He has been working so hard toward his goal of becoming a Black Belt. Next belt on the way is red.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tooth Fairy's Good Fortune...

Nearly 5-Months Already

Latest Major Accomplishments:
Rolls over
Has his bottom 2 teeth!

Time is flying way too fast, but we are enjoying every precious, baby moment...

Startin' 'Em Young...a Slightly Panicked Mother's Tale

Review of basic firearm safety + memorizing 2nd Amendment + guys-only trip north to grandparents' cabin = happy Alaskan boys.

(Don't worry--Spunky is only holding a plastic rifle...although he certainly has the serious look about it.)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Men-Folk at Work

My guys were hard at work over the weekend, pulling out a tree stump to create a new garden spot.

What a bunch of studs.