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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Emotional Overload

Last week was quite eventful in this family. We hit the ground full-speed after coming off the dreaded flu week(s). Lots of tears for this heart-filled mama: some due to milestones, some due to sadness, some due to joy. All were seasoned with a heavy dose of hormones.


Keiki had his first haircut. Pretty sure he was the first to love it... He had just watched all the big bubbies have theirs cut the day before, so he. was. ready. I always feel a little sad at cutting away those first little wispy curls.

Spunky Cub had his first visit from the Tooth Fairy. (She almost forgot...and had to do a quick maneuver at 1 a.m! Thank goodness he wasn't disappointed she left no note or fairy dust!) His little smile transformed instantly, of course. I just can't believe he's old enough to lose teeth. In his own words, "Mommy, do you realize that there are only five more winters until I'm a 10-year-old? SO. You better enjoy me being a 5-year-old." Well said, Son. I SURE DO enjoy this 5-soon-to-be-6-year-old.


We had to say good-bye to our sweet Willow. I realize some of you are "dog people" and some of you aren't. Some of you will wonder why I'm about to post as many pictures of my dog as I posted of my kids, and that's ok...I guess. :) I LOVED this dog. She was my first "baby". In other words, I treated her like a baby before I had a real one!

Here we are together, in 1996. She was just a few days old, and as you can see, I am just a pup myself. . I loved her gray and white color (there was only one other gray and white in the litter.) Her official name was "Nakeena's Willow Shining Moon". Beautiful name for a beautiful, furry babe.

Tony and I took her home to Minneapolis when she was around 7 weeks old. I was still in college; Tony was just starting out in the work-force.

She and our dear Laska, who also has passed, took up all our time. We loved taking them for walks through the city along the Mississippi, twice a day, every day.

Sometimes on the weekends, we took them mushing in Wisconsin.
Eventually, we decided to move to Alaska. Here they are, along the Al-Can Highway, somewhere!

And here's my husband (LOOK! He's got a full head of hair!!) with Willow, soaking up some sun after a dip in Eklutna Lake. A sweet friend of mine mentioned that Willow had such a great life; she lived every Siberian Husky's dream: to move to Alaska. She really did thrive here, and I'm thankful for all the great years we had to enjoy her.

Losing Willow is very hard. I'm amazed at how God gives us such love for a pet. What is also hard, is that Willow was a part of our lives through so many ages and stages. We had her through college, beginning our careers, living in 3 states, and introducing her to our first, second, third, and fourth babies. Ten years later, that first-born was old enough to feed and care for her himself. Losing her is losing the last little piece of all that history. No more tangible reminder of all those times.

The boys keep asking about her...and wondering about where she is. The Bible doesn't tell us exactly what happens to beloved pets when they die, but we do know animals are important to God. I happen to believe out of love for us, He'll re-create these special friends for us when we go to live with Him someday. I asked Him to.


We "met" our 5th child last week! Here we are, getting all snuggled in for the show.

When I saw that perfect, precious little baby...I just started to cry...and cry...and cry. The technician asked if I was ok. I managed to squeak out, "Yes....it's just....he's so precious...." Little Keiki kept bringing me tissues through the whole deal. For some reason, ever since we found out I was pregnant, it just hasn't seemed real. Hearing the heartbeat helped, but I still have just been trying to wrap my mind around the fact that this is truly happening! I've also been plagued with a feeling that something was wrong. Haven't been able to shake it, even though there was no apparent reason to worry. At the ultrasound, all of that just melted away. I just basked in the beauty of our healthy, new, baby SON.

A 5th little knight for the Kingdom. LOVE this baby. Now if we can just settle on a name... And that, Folks, is for another post.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

On My Mind Tonight

So here's the deal: We have the full-on stomach flu in this house. Keiki came down with it Thursday, mama got hit yesterday, Spunky started puking late last night, and Bobcat succumbed this afternoon. You know the type--hits FULL-force, mostly gone in 24 hours. As my husband 1/2 carried me up the stairs last night, changed me into pjs, took out my contacts, brought me a water with loads of ice, and tucked me into our warm, soft bed...even though I was 1/2 out of it, I was still aware of a sense of thankfulness in my heart--

thankfulness for home.

Today as I laid out on one couch, with my listless, 5-year-old Spunky laid out on the couch across from me, I felt thankfulness. We each had a clean glass of Gatorade nearby and loads of pillows and blankets to keep us cozy.

When I started to get some energy back and so went on a bleach-bottle frenzy and threw in another load of puke towels, I felt thankfulness....for wash water...for a wash machine...for plenty of clothing, blankets, and towels.

When I ran a tub of lavender-scented bath water for the 2 youngest, washed their hair, and heard Spunky say, "Awww man....keep doin' that Mommy it feels soooo good." my heart was over-flowing with thankfulness. Again, when I pulled them out, rubbed lotion on their little legs, and put on their footy-pajamas...that immeasurable thankfulness swelled up. How many mothers in this world would do ANYTHING to have a clean tub of safe water to bathe their sick children? How many have no clean water to offer their dehydrated babies a drink? How many little ones have no loving hands to rub lotion into their parched skin? How many go to "bed" cold, filthy from vomit and diarrhea? How many little ones have died from dysentery since I sat down to write this (I recently read the horrific statistic of 1 every 4 seconds.)

We have SO much:
Clean water, warm housing, healthy food. All these luxuries are ours at every whim. We are so unimaginably blessed.

Please join me and say a prayer regularly for all those who are not so blessed as this. When you feel that thankful feeling, pray. Furthermore, let's bring some of these little ones HOME. Let's help others bring them home. Sponsor a child. Sponsor a widow. Give to organizations that help struggling families. Help to provide clean water. There are so many ways we can help, and we are CALLED to do this. I am convinced we were not born into luxury in order to live luxuriously. It's just what's on my mind tonight.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Bringing in the New Year...Our Style

Well, my organizational appetite has been mostly satiated, and it's been time for a little play.
a little snowman-building:

a little sledding:

a little tropical vacation:

Just kidding. I can dream and reminisce, can't I??

But seriously, back to reality, today was especially F-U-N. The guys headed out to Bear Paw Lake for a little fishing. They had an absolute ball! Final count: Dad 1, Noah 3, Kaleb 1, Nicholas skunked, Grandpa skunked (but he gets bonus points for bringing all the gear.) Highlights included: the wind picking up and blowing away the shack right as everyone was huddled inside....Noah sinking knee-deep into an ice hole...and...since they forgot the fresh water, they served up hot dogs boiled in COFFEE!! Great bachelor-training, if you ask me!

What a great day...not one squabble or bad attitude, despite being out in the cold wind for hours with SOAKED mittens and boots. As Daddy says, "All these boys really need are wide, open spaces."

I, on the other hand, along with my mom and the littlest mister, devoted several hours to procuring some wonderful fiber goodness, Kaladis in hand! That is more my style. Ahhhh! The possibilities!

2011 is off to a great start.