...with a husband and 5 sons, I am truly outnumbered....stories and thoughts on life from a mom in a houseful of little men!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Worth the Wait!

Our precious 4th Little Mister is here...and of course, worth every bit of the wait and worth every ounce of effort it took to bring all 10 pounds, 1 ounce of him here! Yep. He is the new record-holder. 10 pounds, 1 ounce. 21 1/2 inches. 15 1/2 inch head and 15 1/2 inch chest. He is like a little sausage...and a very cute one at that. We love him so much and we're so happy. The birth was completely different in so many ways from what we have experienced and from what we expected. Lots of life lessons here...the biggest of which is, "I can do all things through Him who gives me strength."

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What to Do While Waiting for Baby, Part 3

Take the Sunday off from church to avoid all the "You're STILL PREGNANT?!" questions....and go bowling.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

This is Parenting

So this morning, I found myself wondering if perhaps this is why our littlest knight has been reluctant to make his appearance--the utter chaos of Boyland. Our middle prince ran up the stairs with a strange, toothy grin on his face...and blood gushing out of it. I took him in the bathroom to inspect, as the youngest came running up the stairs, completely naked (as he had been for the past 15 minutes or so....I'd seen him zoom in and out of the room several times giggling...although Daddy said he did have a swimming Speedo on at one point...) and crying, "My Band-Aid fell off! My Band-Aid fell off!" Daddy brought him into the bathroom to replace the coveted Band-Aid on his toe...as I was busy trying to wipe blood from a VERY strong, wriggling 6-year-old who had a tooth dangling by a string downward out of his mouth but WOULD NOT allow me to just get it out of there. Daddy offered an assist and wrapped his arms around Prince Eaglet, as the child SCREAMED and thrashed as though we were going through another blood draw (see post from 11-12-08.) He kept yelling, "Don't touch it! Don't pull it out!" I noticed somewhere around this time that he had something green stuck to his neck. Turned out it was the Band-Aid from Spunky's toe...which gave us an indication as to how this mess had begun. So Daddy and I noticed now that Spunky was climbing up onto the bathroom counter...he's still completely naked...to take the matter of the Band-Aid into his own hands since his parents were obviously indisposed at the moment. I gotta say I appreciate his initiative. Simultaneously with the naked crawler and screaming and thrashing bloody hostage, in pops Prince Bobcat, who, oblivious to the goings-on of the moment, thrusts a drawing in front of Daddy's face, "Look what I drew!" Daddy and I met eyes and just laughed. "This is parenting", I said. Nobody prepares you for this. I was thinking about the little guy inside, who although a silent bystander, was listening to the whole ordeal. It's no wonder we're sitting at D-Day and he has not made the slightest move to come out and join the party. He knows this party is going to require some major strength, resilience, and readiness. I cannot promise him a peaceful, serene home to grow up in...but I can promise plenty of excitement and love.

Monday, January 12, 2009

What to Do While Waiting for Baby, Part 2

Another great idea from Pam...have the big bros write letters to their baby brother for his baby book! The letters are absolutely precious.

Great Grandma sent a box with some stuffed bears for the boys. They became babies today....here's Eaglet, with babies tucked into bed, practicing his lullabies...

...and the video version...

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What to Do While Waiting for Baby

Belly Paint!
My friend Pam gave us this great idea:

Hats off to my little artists...

Monday, January 05, 2009

Boyland Funnies

A few evenings ago, Wise Bobcat came and sat down next to me and told me all about a funny commercial he'd just seen. I politely chuckled at the 8-year-old humor, to which he replied, "Now THAT'S how you make women laugh!" At this remark, I totally cracked up, to which he replied, "And that's ANOTHER way to make women laugh!"

Spunky's take on the true meaning of Christmas: "Mommy? Christmas is NOT about FRUITCAKE!"(A good lesson learned from Max Lucado's A Fruitcake Christmas...)

Somehow while talking about Baby Brother, we got on the topic of caesarean sections. Eaglet, with a worried and furrowed brow, was full of questions. He then proclaimed, "Well, don't worry, Mommy because God is going to make you strong and able to push Baby out." I told him that I believed that also, and that I know God will take care of us. "Well", with a much-relieved expression, he said, "It's a GOOD THING I don't have to worry about THAT--'cause I'm a BOY!"

Bobcat came running up with a revelatory remark: "Guys? Circumcision and circumstition have VERY different meanings!" (Wait for parents' laughter to subside) "Circumcision is when you have to have a pee pee surgery...and circumstition is when you believe something silly to be true!" Circumstition or superstition?

Excitement of excitements: While unloading out of the van this morning, the two older boys went running around to the side entrance of the house--nothing unusual--but then they came running back, yelling. I had just gotten Spunky out of his car seat and was wondering what on earth could be so exciting, when the older brothers loudly blurted out, "There's dog pee next to OUR door!!" At this, all three ran very hurriedly to inspect. What a great day in Boyland!

Thursday, January 01, 2009


A fellow blogger asked her readers what we are looking forward to in 2009... There are so many things I'm dreaming about. Here are some that top the list:
  • The birth of our little son!!! And along with that, all the wonderful 1st year milestones.
  • Getting back into shape after Baby. Thinking of joining a gym, and I'd also love to learn to swim well enough to do lap time.
  • Spunky turning 4, Bobcat turning 9, Eaglet turning 7.
  • Another possible trip with my mom in February (?) with baby too, of course...to somewhere warm.
  • Hopefully a warm, sunny summer this year!
  • Camping trips...hopefully without rain! Wait...is that possible?
  • Weekend with my guys in Seward. We skipped last year and really missed it.
  • In-depth Bible studies...Esther?
  • Keep on reading classic literature.
  • Hopefully another visit from my grandma who lives in Wisconsin.
  • Tony and I will celebrate 15 years this September!
  • Finish knitting Baby's sweater and hat.
  • Meeting two good friends' new babies! Throwing baby showers!
  • Anne of Green Gables meets VPA this spring! How I would LOVE to try out for a part. Probably not the right timing...but trying out for something is on my goal list when it agrees with family life.
  • Hatcher Pass--sledding this winter, hiking and blueberry picking in the summer.
  • All the things God will teach us and show us...things I can't even imagine. He makes life SO worth living!