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Monday, March 25, 2013


Several people have been asking, so here's the latest on the adoption train.  We've reached the point in our adoption process where there is very little update to give.  Paperwork has been completed and approved and sitting with our representatives overseas for several months now.  It's been a year and a couple months since we sent out that first packet of papers which set it all into motion. 

Of course our hearts had already been set into motion for quite some time.  Still, it was a big deal to take those first "real" steps.  I remember taking these photos for posterity...thinking how appropriate it was that the flower bulbs were just beginning to stretch up through the dirt.  We were just beginning that process ourselves, in a sense.
It was exhilarating...and also so very frightening to be stepping out of our safe, warm earth-of-sorts.  

Throughout this past year or so, we've continued to take a lesson from those plant bulbs.  We just slowly, methodically, patiently keep pushing through.  At times this is easy.  At other times, it is difficult.  In either case we just enjoy this beautiful, messy, blessed life we're privileged to live.  

Daily we look into five sets of breathtaking, summer sky-blue eyes...

...and daily we dream of the breathtaking, chocolate brown eyes that we haven't yet had the honor of looking into.

Eyes of a child who was thought of and planned for and loved before the existence of time.  Just as I was thought of...and planned for...and loved.  Just as you were thought of...and planned for...and loved.  (Do you know that?)

What amazing love is this.  

And so, we wait and pray...continue to build up funds, and all the while we live this blessed life with all it's goodness and challenges.  We celebrate this week especially, but every day of every year, the sacrifice that was made to show us what true love really is.  

Friday, March 08, 2013

Chubba-Bubba Zachy Zu

Our little man has been fighting ear infections this week, and takes some serious power naps.

 Makes my heart sad that he's not feeling well...but I surely cherish him sleeping so soundly that I can watch him rest so peacefully...

Friday, March 01, 2013

Art Therapy

The last couple of months in Boyland have been less than typical, but then what is typical for us, anyway?!  Still dealing with, and frustrated over health issues and illness in a few of us...but also resting in the fact that we're doing what we can and trusting God to give wisdom and healing in His good time.  With friends struggling with cancer in husband and cancer in children, I really cannot complain.

I.   really.  cannot. complain.

This is true, and we count our many blessing, yet we still find ourselves in a bit of a funk lately.  Our schedule has been turned somewhat upside-down, with needing to run for several appointments per week.  The dandy schedule I was so in love with of (sing along with me...) ...morning routines, breakfast, morning chores, lessons, lunch, tot naps, afternoon lessons....has fallen apart, and we all find ourselves with a hefty case of spring fever on the side.  The Picky Monster has also crept in a bit.  Do you know him?  He manifests in brothers picking on brothers, and brothers being reluctant to show grace toward brothers, and mother playing Army Sergeant to said brothers, and subsequently, brothers AND mother in picky, malcontent.  I've been fighting against this Monster all week, praying all throughout the day, and singing this song at the top of my lungs at times to keep my mouth from saying anything less...umm...holy.


This morning as I dragged myself bounced out of bed and began to pray and prepare for the day, I decided we needed to ditch the other lesson plans and roll out some art supplies. We've been reading Holling C. Holling's Pagoo (LOVE Holling!!) and so I thought a hermit crab project was in order.  Luddite that I tend to be, I do love the internet when it comes to needing a quick project idea.  I found a great blog for art projects, and chose a modified version of this project.

My boys dig art.  They really do, even though Spunky Cub doesn't look like it in this photo!  And, as we happily waded through paper, paper plates, sponges, poster paints, chalk, and watercolors, I was asking myself WHY have I not done this more with my boys this year?!  Per the boys' delightful, pleasant conversation, you can see we had some serious Art Therapy goin' on:

"Oh look!  He's using all dots!  That's like Monet!  
"Oh no....not Monet, he used watercolors...you're thinking Niebrugge."  
"Ohhhh yes...Niebrugge. 

"You guys?  When I grow up I'm gonna have a whole room just for ALL my art stuff."
"You mean like an art studio?"
"YES!  I'm gonna have an art studio."

"HEY GUYS!  We should see if Mommy & Daddy would take us clamming this spring!"
(insert chorus of YES!!!)

"I just LOVE doing this.  I just want to learn as much as I can about sea creatures.  I mean, I just always spend my time studying about all sorts of historical figures..but I really should also spend some of my time learning  about sea creatures."

I do believe I saw the Picky Monster, bags packed, heading out the back door.

The coolest thing about doing projects, is that while we're all using the same materials, and following the same instructions, we get such wonderfully different results.  LOVE THAT.

So as you can see, my wonderful husband was right when he responded to one of my recent please- help-me-gain-my-sanity-e-mails: "Remember Scarlet Jessica, tomorrow is another day.  The sun will be shining, the snow melting…."