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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Men-Folk at Work

My guys were hard at work over the weekend, pulling out a tree stump to create a new garden spot.

What a bunch of studs.

Day at the Farm

Our friends invited us to visit their farm today. It was absolutely gorgeous and sunny...and brought back many memories of my Wisconsin up-bringing! Springtime is always a great time on any farm--sunshine and new life--two reminders of God's goodness.

My crew in the back of the pick-up truck. Just as I took this, Little Mister started to fuss. He really wasn't overly impressed with the ride. :)

Lotsa yaks! We saw several of their babies.

We found favor with the buffalo (a little bribery never hurts....fresh Fireweed in this case...)

Spunky was a little unsure of the pigs. He loved the baby piggies (they really were SO adorable) but the sounds the older ones made were a little scary for him...particularly since some of those mamas were about his same size!

Check out these cute little kids. Awwww....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mother's Day Moment

While I sat nursing son #4 on the couch, sons #1-#3 sat at the table eating breakfast. I overheard the most delightful conversation:

Eaglet: "So, "Bobcat", do you think Mommy should not be allowed in Boyland?"
Bobcat: "No"
Eaglet: "Well the reason she is allowed is because she gave birth to us. If she wasn't here, it
would just be....Nothingland."
Bobcat: "Yes...she's here because she gives birth to boys."

So now you all know why I am here....and so do I...without having to read any Rick Warren.