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Thursday, June 26, 2008


I love homes, which in the summer time, are clean, fresh, neat and orderly. Having gone through the ritual of a spring cleaning, the windows are sparkling and furniture is polished. Unnecessary clutter has been disposed of, and surfaces are dust-free. Windows are open, and the fresh breezes of the season waft through the rooms. Seasonal decor is in place--crisp linens and vases of flowers tucked in various locations. The home is preserved in such a way throughout the summer months, as any resident children spend their hours outdoors, and toys lay still on shelving and in closets.

MY HOME IS NOT ONE OF THESE HOMES....except for the part about residents spending their hours outdoors. We live in the yard as much as possible, soaking up any bits of sun we're blessed to receive that day. We run, we walk, we play in the hose or kiddie pool. Resident children may or may not be clothed. We play with the dogs, birdwatch, bugwatch, garden and play in the dirt. We read, we sing, we practice violin outside on a rock. We run inside to grab a drink or some food....or when Mommy frantically notices the time and realized something needs to be done about supper. Dirt and grass clippings track in the house, and stay there for a disturbingly long time. It is difficult to see through the windows when the sun shines. When was the last time the bathroom was cleaned? I think there is a toilet somewhere in there underneath the mounds of swim trunks and dirt-encrusted clothing from yesterday (Sure...it was only from yesterday.) We do pause to clean up a hairball with a paper towel if the need arises. The rest of the cleaning supplies are....somewhere. Today I wiped the dust bunnies off the vacuum and went crazy. Morning sickness and first trimester fatigue beginning to wane, now is the time. As I was working away on the long-neglected stairs, Spunky leaned in and yelled above the din of the vacuum, "Do we have friends comin' up?" This of course, was his way of asking, "Do we have company coming over?" Of course. Why else would Mom be cleaning?! I had to laugh. It's all too true. So please, friends, stop by often. It's the only way anything will "get done" around here. And please be so kind as to not mention the sweat on my brow from my cleaning frenzy.

That's all for this edition of Confessions. Eaglet is yelling, "Mommy! I can't get out of the school room!" Seriously.