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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

So What's the Exciting News?!

Wise Bobcat was baptized on Easter! Excuse the picture of pictures...I stll haven't figured out this scanner yet. Anyway, it was a very joyous occasion, and we were so proud of our little guy as he made a stand for what he believes in. It is a very cool story as to how he came to the decision (and it WAS his decision, through and through.) A couple weeks before Easter, he had chosen a book at the library, The Easter Story. Upon reading it during his rest break one afternoon, he was brimming with questions, with much emphasis on "baptism." He had read about when Jesus said, "All who believe in me and are baptized shall be saved," and was very troubled by the word "and." Bobcat knows all about salvation and last Easter (2005) did in fact decide to ask Jesus for forgiveness of his sins and for Him to live in his heart forever. He knows that that is it--there are no strings attached. So you can see why, in the mind of a 5-year-old, the "and" would cause confusion. We talked a lot about it and about why people choose to be baptized with water. Several days later, in his Sunday School class, his take-home worksheet talked about baptism. Bobcat was so excited about it! He grabbed his Bible and a pencil and wanted to work on that worksheet the moment we got home. I mentioned to him that our church would be having a baptism service on Easter..so if he'd like to go and see how it worked, I'd be happy to take him. Later that evening, he brought up the baptism service. I asked him, "Why? Would you like me to take you to that so you can see how it works?" "No," he replied, "I've decided I think I want to be baptized." I told him we could talk to Pastor about that. I must admit that my immediate thought was that he was too young. Then I quickly realized that it was between Bobcat and God...and I could obviously see how God had been pursuing him and working in his heart. When God speaks, we need to listen! I was thinking on that when, a few moments later, Bobcat came to Tony and I and told us, "The reason I've decided I want to be baptized, is because if it was important to Jesus--when he was here on Earth--than it's important to me." There you have it. Who can argue with that?! So, at the Easter evening baptism service, we witnessed our little boy make his testimony in front of a room full of others. The water was freezing (note Pastor Larry's waders--he never wears those, but made an exception this time) and Bobcat was not keen on being dunked under water. Still, his desire to be baptized outweighed these details. He felt strongly enough about it that he was willing to withstand the discomforts. There were about 10 people baptized that evening, ranging from Bobcat's age to gray-haired. What was really special to us, was that Pastor spoke at the beginning of the service about the faith of children and how that is to be respected. We had a little cake party afterward, and that too was very special. I'm just so thankful for the privilage to raise my boys. I'm so thankful that the Creator of our universe loves each of them even way more than Tony and I do. I'm so thankful that He is pursuing each of them...and working out a perfect, prosperous plan for each of their lives. What a relief...a release...to know that they are in His care. There truly is no greater joy.


Jodi said...

Yeah, I did know your news, but it was refreshing to hear it again. Thank God for the faith of children to point us in the right direction.

fannie said...

Wahoo! That is SO exciting! Don't you love it when you see them growing and learning and deciding on their very own! Too cool.