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Monday, September 25, 2006


We celebrated 12 years this past weekend. Taking an overnight trip (just the two of us--ahhh the freedom!) down Kenai Peninsula to Soldotna, it was fabulous to have the time and freedom to do what we pleased. We went jogging, visited the Kenai National Wildlife Reserve Center, hiked the Keen-Eye, Centennial, and Bear Mountain trails, and popped into Portage Glacier Center on the way home. There is much to say about the weekend, way too much to blog at the moment. Overall, though, we just really loved the uninterrupted time together to reconnect. The setting was incredible, as the leaves were at "peak color" and the silence indescribable. Wildlife Report: Not much for big critters this time around (I'm not complaining after seeing that Brown Bear up so close a few years back!), though we did see a Moose cow with her calf on the way to KNWR. The most noteworthy siting--we were blessed to obseve over 30 Trumpeter Swans. They must have been congregating and preparing to migrate. What fascinating and gorgeous creatures. Our God is very creative.

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Jodi said...

Congratulations, you two! Twelve years? I thought I was a baby when we got married.

You keep posting pictures like that and you might just get me to move up there (you'd better post some mid-winter pictures just to keep it honest :o).

Love to you!