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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Orange Belt!

Bobcat had a surprise in karate class Tuesday evening. At the beginning of class, his instructor pulled him aside and told him he'd be pulled out of class for his orange belt test. We had no idea; in fact, we had thought he was scheduled to test in January. True to his character, Bobcat took it in stride, and gave it his all for the duration of the 45 minute test. Today, we got his results....way to go, Bobcat!


mama said...

Congratulations!!! And congrats to you too, Mom, for putting up with the inevitable horseplay that comes with lessons. My boys are still head standing and jumping on the couch. In fact, they've added a few routines from gymnastics class!

dskblawrence said...

wonderful! And a big pat on the back for getting those boys into martial arts. All that testosterone will be happy to have an outlet as they grow!