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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I just got home from one of the best times of my life--a week in the topics with two amazing women (I'm even blessed to be related to one of 'em.) We had a blast; my stomach still aches from laughing so much! I'm still amazed by how much we were able to pack in and enjoy in 7 days--beach combing, hiking, Pearl Harbor, snorkeling, shopping, great food, visiting new friends, and beaches, beaches, beaches. I was very at-home in that setting; it took me about one evening to adjust to the tropical climate...and nearly 3 days after returning home I am still trying to acclimate to my homeland (Brrr.) That being said, it was wonderful to return home to all my guys. I missed them and hope we can do a trip like this together sometime. (I am more than willing to return to Hawaii!)Here I am at Kailua getting ready for our snorkeling lesson with Betty B, Snorkeling Instructor.
Very dehydrated, sunburned (but happy) damsels in distress--crammed in the back with a surfboard, hitchin' a ride.

Hangin' around at Manoa Falls trailhead

Betty believes strongly in the power of aloe.

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mama said...

What a sacrifice for you JJ! Sheesh! Why on earth would you rather be in Hawaii than Alaska this time of year!? :D