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Thursday, August 14, 2008

He cares about the "little things"...

Just wanted to remind you all...Our Father hears every little whisper of a need that we have, and He cares about all our details. Having purged our home of everything baby last year (thought we were "done")...save one pair of maternity pants and one little box full of little clothes that made me cry at the thought of sending out....I was in need of maternity--everything. Money is very tight these days. I whispered a prayer and sent out an e-mail to two recently-pregnant friends. Here's the result:

What a huge blessing. At the same time, our eldest had grown out of just about everything he owned. I bought a couple things on sale for him for his birthday, and asked God to take care of the rest. He provided another generous friend, whose son had just grown out of Bobcat's size. She threw three huge garbage bags of Bobcat-sized clothes in our trunk one day. He is outfitted for the entire fall/winter/spring...not to mention that those will also be able to be handed down to at least two more boys. God provides...wonderful friends, and all the "little things".


Mommy said...

You could have sent an e-mail this way. Between the three of us (and 11 pregnancies) we have way too many maternity clothes. I'm so glad to hear how God is providing for you, though.

Actually, make that 12 pregnancies--Keri is expecting #5 in March. :)

mama said...

My first maternity wardrobe (and baby stuff) was provided in part by Mrs. Mackenzie and Mrs. Lawrence. I don't think we bought much of anything that time. We have friends with older boys who share their clothes. They actually have 4 boys, and then a girl. Their girl is age 6 and has the same name as our little girl. That little girl is tickled PINK to share her clothes with our little girl.

God has always provided for us too!

Pam said...

What a sweet post. I'm glad you've been blessed by these. God is amazing, isn't he?