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Monday, November 10, 2008

Eaglet and the Big 0-6

Eaglet planned his own party this year. He looked through a cookbook and chose Ice Cream Mice in lieu of cake.
He wanted a "coin hunt", and so we searched the house for chocolate coins.
He wanted to play "Pin the Thomas Jefferson on the 2 dollar bill"...and so we pinned up Andrew Jackson (Mom's mistake) portrait on a giant "bill".
He picked out strawberry Whoppers for appetizers, to proceed Papa Murphy's pizza...
...and received a prized Buffalo toy...many coins for his coin collection...a coin collecting guide, camoflauge overalls, and many Titanic books! Gifts that he totally treasures, but none befitting of the love we feel for him. The years just go by faster and faster. I love this child. He is intense. He is loud. He is full of life and joy. He cares for others. He loves what is right and good and just. Happy 6th Birthday, Eaglet.


vince+shannon+mattie+ireland +afton said...

Happy birthday!!! What fun! (at the risk of sounding like an obnoxious know-it-all...I thought that was Andrew Jackson on those dollars, hmm?)

JJ said...

You're right, Shannon! Mom's mistake number three. Homeschoolers all the way! :)

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day (looks like you did).

How's mom feeling?

mama said...

Three? You only made three mistakes today? That's pretty good. I think I'm halfway to a dozen. . . and I've only been up 1/2 hour. Oh well.

That is a wonderful idea for a birthday party!