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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The First Load...All Hues of Blue

OOOOO....I love all these blues! I finally was able to indulge in washing the first loads of our newest son's teeny-weeny little clothes. Tony and Spunky have been busy painting and setting up the crib.......so now it's been my turn to fuss about and do the new mommy nesting thing! I love having this room all (almost) set up......and dreaming about all the precious, tender times we will share with our baby son in here. I'm so happy we're having this baby...I'm overwhelmed with the fact that God Himself came to us in this most humble and precious and vulnerable form. I'm overwhelmed with the fact that that same God also has laid out each and every day and purpose for this little one that we're about to meet any day.


mama said...

Dude!! Just five minutes ago Daddy walked in the door with the mail, and I just read your lovely letter!! Isn't it funny, because of our little address snafu you got mine first! :D So do you think the little boy will arrive before the new year? Oooooh how exciting. God bless you all!

Jen said...

awaiting the arrival of this sweet boy here in Tennessee!!!! what a great gift :) love the nursery and the thought of you falling asleep holding a new son in that rocker is adorable!