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Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mother's Day Moment

While I sat nursing son #4 on the couch, sons #1-#3 sat at the table eating breakfast. I overheard the most delightful conversation:

Eaglet: "So, "Bobcat", do you think Mommy should not be allowed in Boyland?"
Bobcat: "No"
Eaglet: "Well the reason she is allowed is because she gave birth to us. If she wasn't here, it
would just be....Nothingland."
Bobcat: "Yes...she's here because she gives birth to boys."

So now you all know why I am here....and so do I...without having to read any Rick Warren.


Jodi said...

That's hilarious.

mama said...

So, you earned your place in the "circle of trust" the hard way! :) Isn't it nice that your boys want you around? I didn't think to count all the hugs and kisses I got yesterday. I'm just so thrilled that they still want to give them!

Mommy said...

I keep reading your post over and over because it makes me laugh!

Pam said...

Sounds like a Native American name or something "One who gives birth to boys" FUNNY!!!! Loved this post:)

bacon lady said...

I can just hear that conversation happening... SO funny, Jessica!!!