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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Home is Used

Today I felt blessed...because our home is USED. Upon returning home I maneuvered through the evidence from our afternoon:

a) a huge train track all set up in a way I could never duplicate
b) scads of paper with amazing drawings
c) an entire living room set up as a farm
d) Little House on the Prairie cut-outs, depicting the most recently read chapter of On the Shores of Silver Lake
e) baked-clay creations from yesterday
f) a 1/2 assembled wooden helicopter kit

Oh yes...and the dirty dishes from lunch. I remember dreaming years ago about the household I hoped to be a part of someday--where home was where the action was at--where you couldn't wait to get back so you could see what was shakin'. Let me tell you...that dream has come true. We are quaking at about 8.5, and I'm loving it!


Jodi said...

We are reading the same book during lunch! And I've said almost the same thing to myself as I walk downstairs to the basement and see a "tent" spread all over the family room hung from folding chairs and the couch. This house ain't no showpiece!

mama said...

There's a verse in the Bible that talks about (rough, rough paraphrase here) where there are cows, there's going to be scattered straw. The basic idea is that where there are animals, there is a mess. Same is true of the house! When there are children, there is a mess. I suppose at some point the house will be clean, when the children are gone, and then we will miss these days when they are little. At least, that's what I'm trying to convince myself!