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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Eaglet and the Big 0-7

Happy Birthday to our first "middle son"!

Last weekend we celebrated Eaglet. 7 years of pedal-to-the-metal fun we've had with this guy. Birthday Boy decided to go bowling with the family for his birthday. "The building looks like a barn" he noted...which was great, since the birthday theme was "farm". As many of you know, Eaglet is an aspiring farmer. He plans to go organic, and is still trying to decide if he will actually butcher animals or not. (As one dear friend noted, that would go perfectly with his "meat biznis.")

Alas, the only meat on the menu on this day was ham on the requested Papa Murphy pizza. After lunch, we had a "hay hunt" for candy in the backyard.

Then it was on to an old-fashioned apple bob...and let me tell you--it was a hoot! I wish I had digital pictures to share of that, but the only pictures are on my Canon. Daddy and Bobcat came out on top. Bobcat was really into it...he wound up taking off his shirt, even. So no pictures of that...but here is the apple bob tub:

Eaglet isn't real into cake, so he requested mom's scratch apple pies instead. I goofed and tried to make them with the "healthy" fat. Next time it's back to the regular ol', artery-clogging Crisco. Although nobody really complained, I guess. We also ate "chicken feed" (popcorn, sunflower seeds, and candy corn) and Cow Tails. Eaglet was pretty grossed-out by that. Bobcat and Spunky had theirs 1/2 eaten, while Eaglet was still questioning if it was candy or actual cow meat.

Our Eaglet is a total gift. He is "the catalyst" in the family. He adds zest and noise and MUCH joy to our days.

Thank you Lord for another year with this little boy.

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mama said...

Happy Birthday to Eaglet! Wow, 7 years. It flies so fast!