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Friday, March 05, 2010

There's a Five-Year-Old In Da Howse!

Time for a little blog catch-up... We celebrated a milestone in our Spunky Cub's life on February 9. The BIG 5-0. Hard to believe our fun-lovin' kid is five. He's learning to read, an expert K'nex creationist, and brings joy and LAUGHTER to our days. Ever the storyteller, Spunky comes up with some real tales. Yesterday he hunted a wild boar with his bare hands, and we heard ALL the details. Hmmm...sounds like a great idea for a blog post...

I usually go with some sort of theme for the boys' birthdays, chosen by the birthday boy, of course. Spunky chose to be ecclectic with camoflauge plates, police badges, gummy sour worms, and who knows (i.e. I can't remember) what else!

We took the birthday boy out to Rascals for a little bouncin' fun.

Daddy took a break from work to join in the fun...bring us some ice cream...and entertain the kids:

We had Spunky open his "big gift" at Rascals...so Daddy could be there and then the little guy could play with it all afternoon.

Celebrating pancakes! Per request, the birthday supper consisted of Mom's home-made pancakes and milkshakes (I fudged on that part and made some very wholesome smoothies!) Grandmom and Grandpa joined us for our unconventional supper; it was just grand!

Pancakes were followed up by birthday cake, of course!

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mama said...

Woo Hoo!! Congrats and happy birthday!