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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

"Pennies To the Rescue", Part II

We've been busy in Boyland this week, counting out oodles of change and rolling coin. THANK YOU to all of you who have donated change to our service project, Pennies To the Rescue! So far, we've got just over $71 ready to head to Compassion International for on-going Haiti relief. This is "last call"....so if you've got change that's looking for a home....let us take care of it for you! We can even pick it up at your convenience either tomorrow (4/8/10) or Friday (4/9/10.) Let us know...and thank you again for helping us out.

As they were counting and rolling, Eaglet and Spunky kept mentioning "how happy the people in Haiti will be to get this!" Precious.

Upon counting up the total, Eaglet was concerned that $71, even though it's a lot of money, just doesn't seem like it will be enough. I explained that it is nowhere NEAR enough...but it will go along with money that lots and lots of other families, individuals, and companies are giving. Together, we can provide for A LOT of needs.

Praying that God will multiply these funds and allow them to go further than we could ever imagine. You know...He has a knack for that type of thing. :)

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