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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

8 Years of Our "Force of Nature"

Eight years ago, after a hard birth with a broken clavicle and absence of breathing, I held my little "force of nature" in my arms for the first time. My Eaglet.

He came in with a bang and continues to be our little firecracker. I love his positive energy, along with so many other wonderful traits, including:

I love Eaglet's heart. He received a birthday card in the mail a few days ago with $8.00 in it. His eyes became real wide as he counted his money. A few minutes later, he came running to me with a Samaritan's Purse magazine. It was opened to a page that described how for $9.00, you can feed a hungry baby or nursing mother for a week. "That's what I want to do with my money, Mommy."

I love Eaglet's artistic bent. He spends hours per week with a pencil in his hand. His birthday request was to climb the Butte and draw.

I love Eaglet's can-do spirit. He is very decisive. When something needs to be done, he gets up and gets it done.

I love watching these gifts and talents as they unfold.... I love that about parenting all my precious little knights! Love knowing that God has good plans in store for them to use these things to His glory; they're already livin' it. What else is in store?

I love you, Eaglet. I'm so thankful that part of The Master's Plan is for you to be a part of this family of ours!


Pam said...

LOVE his birthday request! How absolutely precious. And how beautiful that you gave him this when so many would have laughed and told him to think of something else... God has indeed placed him in the most perfect family:) I wish I could see what he drew on the Butte on his birthday!!!

mama said...

Broken clavicle and absence of breathing??? Does not sound like fun!! Glad he's part of your family!! happy birthday!