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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Bringing in the New Year...Our Style

Well, my organizational appetite has been mostly satiated, and it's been time for a little play.
a little snowman-building:

a little sledding:

a little tropical vacation:

Just kidding. I can dream and reminisce, can't I??

But seriously, back to reality, today was especially F-U-N. The guys headed out to Bear Paw Lake for a little fishing. They had an absolute ball! Final count: Dad 1, Noah 3, Kaleb 1, Nicholas skunked, Grandpa skunked (but he gets bonus points for bringing all the gear.) Highlights included: the wind picking up and blowing away the shack right as everyone was huddled inside....Noah sinking knee-deep into an ice hole...and...since they forgot the fresh water, they served up hot dogs boiled in COFFEE!! Great bachelor-training, if you ask me!

What a great day...not one squabble or bad attitude, despite being out in the cold wind for hours with SOAKED mittens and boots. As Daddy says, "All these boys really need are wide, open spaces."

I, on the other hand, along with my mom and the littlest mister, devoted several hours to procuring some wonderful fiber goodness, Kaladis in hand! That is more my style. Ahhhh! The possibilities!

2011 is off to a great start.

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