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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Big 3-6, NOT 6-3!

Working on a little blog catch-up this week, since a friend not-so-subtly reminded me I hadn't posted in *ahem* awhile! (Yes, YOU know who you are!!)

The boys very sweetly decided to decorate for my birthday in March. I love how they chose the theme of the tropics. They know their Mommy! We weren't getting a whole lot of the sparkly warm stuff at that time, so they made me my own little sun:

The rest of the kitchen fairly looked like a crepe paper spider web, interspersed with tropical coloring pages:

However, the funniest part of it all was the conversation I overheard while I was "staying out of the kitchen and keeping my eyes shut" (as they had requested.) It went something like this:

"...monkey business--ooo--ooo!" and "That looks more like a spider web...think when someone tries to sit in that chair. That just WON'T work." and "I STILL need MORE TAPE!" and "We are a GOOD construction team!"
As time went on, I overheard something a little more disturbing: "Is Mommy turning 63?" NOOOOOO!

It was a great day, filled with my favorite things--all my guys, a little touch of the tropics, Happy Family sweet & sour chicken, and fresh pineapple, strawberries, and melon with whipped cream.


Jason and Stephanie said...

I guess not being subtle worked!! (I do need to be careful on how I say things though!!) Thanks for the post, I hope my children someday are as wonderful and sweet as yours. I really liked their sun. : )

Autee said...

I love this! Your boys are so precious and thoughtful!! Love you!