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Friday, December 02, 2011

Eaglet's Plans are Music to My Ears

Eaglet wakes up early before everyone else on most mornings. He loves the quiet house (who doesn't?) He usually reads and then draws what he has read in the peaceful stillness of the early morning. This morning, however, he spent some time dreaming. When I got up to feed Baby, he excitedly ran to me with his sketchbook in hand, to show me his plans for his future house:

Above, you see the plan for the main part of the home. (Perhaps you'll need to click on the photo to enlarge for detail.) My favorite part is how he created a baby nursery across from the master bedroom. He even has the crib and changing table labeled.

This (above) was of interest to me as well. Notice the large bedroom with double bunk-beds. Then see the room adjoining with all the balls. Apparently, he is planning for a padded wrestling/play room for the kids. I asked Eaglet how many children he was hoping for, and here's the part that was music to my ears: "EIGHT...at least that's what I'm hoping for," was his reply.

I love this.

Eaglet talks often of large families and how he dreams to have one of his own. I know he's only 9, and plans may change, but I love that he loves children...that he loves and esteems LIFE.

And now that I'm through swooning, I will exhibit the last part of Eaglet's plan that I really got a kick out of. Apparently the future father of eight plans to have quite a "man cave":

Check out all the goodies he plans to have in his garage! I am also impressed that he's wisely planning for transportation needs with a 15-passenger van.

I surely love my Eaglet, and I hope he really does have eight children...at least. I'm still bringing home babies myself, but I tell you what--I cannot WAIT for grandbabies. I'm totally looking forward to the granny thing.


v + s + m + i + a + c said...

Oh, my...should I tell someone I know about this?!!

What an amazing guy. I just love him. And the snow blower, and the four-wheeler.

Allison in AK said...

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