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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thinking of you

Tony and I are winding down in the quiet stillness of evening.  Our five are snuggled safely and soundly in their beds, bodies blissfully resting after warm hours of play in the spring air and sunshine.  But...one...or two of us are missing.

I'm thinking of you tonight, as I often do...as I often have over the past nearly two years.  Are you cold?  Are you hungry?  Are you lonely and missing the arms of your mother and father and brothers?  Are you even born yet?  Are you even conceived yet?  Whatever the answers to these questions, you remain in our hearts and in our dreams and in our prayers.  Most importantly, you remain in our Father's care.  We pray He'll bring you home to us soon, because even though we've not yet seen you or held you,

we miss you.


Allison in AK said...

Love you guys

Jason and Stephanie said...

You brought tears to my eyes Jessica! We will be praying with and for you as you continue down this path God has placed you on. So exciting!!

amanda said...

I love how God enlarges our hearts and then makes us yearn for his plan to come to fruition in our lives. Praying for this sweet one (ones!)

sacra vim said...

Missing her, him, or them with you. Love you. Hang in there, mama.

Jen said...

praying as you await the little one that GOD in his soverignty has perfectly placed in His time already into your arms. Little one is coming and thankfully us Mommas cant rush or slow His will...I remember doing all I could to speed up the time because its so hard! I love how you said they may not even be concieved yet...that was our Molly all the days I thought she was waiting without a family...she was not even conceived :) Can not wait for you guys to experience the Lords faithfulness. We are along for the journey with you across the miles dear pal. Love, Jenny