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Monday, March 25, 2013


Several people have been asking, so here's the latest on the adoption train.  We've reached the point in our adoption process where there is very little update to give.  Paperwork has been completed and approved and sitting with our representatives overseas for several months now.  It's been a year and a couple months since we sent out that first packet of papers which set it all into motion. 

Of course our hearts had already been set into motion for quite some time.  Still, it was a big deal to take those first "real" steps.  I remember taking these photos for posterity...thinking how appropriate it was that the flower bulbs were just beginning to stretch up through the dirt.  We were just beginning that process ourselves, in a sense.
It was exhilarating...and also so very frightening to be stepping out of our safe, warm earth-of-sorts.  

Throughout this past year or so, we've continued to take a lesson from those plant bulbs.  We just slowly, methodically, patiently keep pushing through.  At times this is easy.  At other times, it is difficult.  In either case we just enjoy this beautiful, messy, blessed life we're privileged to live.  

Daily we look into five sets of breathtaking, summer sky-blue eyes...

...and daily we dream of the breathtaking, chocolate brown eyes that we haven't yet had the honor of looking into.

Eyes of a child who was thought of and planned for and loved before the existence of time.  Just as I was thought of...and planned for...and loved.  Just as you were thought of...and planned for...and loved.  (Do you know that?)

What amazing love is this.  

And so, we wait and pray...continue to build up funds, and all the while we live this blessed life with all it's goodness and challenges.  We celebrate this week especially, but every day of every year, the sacrifice that was made to show us what true love really is.  

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