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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bye-bye Frumpy Nursing Bras! (Thanks to Help From My 3-Year-Old!!

Oh my goodness. I took Lil Eaglet with me underwear shopping on Sunday--just he and I. Upon walking into the bra section, he looks around with eyes as big as saucers and exclaims, "Mommy!? Is those hats!?" Later on, he notices the mannaquin and asks me, "Mommy, WHY is she 1/2 naked? What's she name is?" I picked out a few bras with his "help," and proceeded on to the dressing room. "Is this a restaurant?" he asked, as he looked down the row of dressing room doors. Inside, he (very loudly) exclaimed, "Mommy! You're 1/2 naked!" I managed to try on my potential purchases while he checked out the dressing room. He was very impressed with the bench, and determined it was "just for little boys." I quickly finished dressing to retrieve my curious shopper (he had taken off under the dressing room door,) and went back to find some underwear. I found a box of three and threw it in the cart. "(with a gasp) Mommy! Is this is a video?" Well it was the perfect size and shape box, I guess. After we finished all our shopping at Fred Meyer, we found a line and waited to check-out. Lil Eaglet was quite tired by this time and was using the box of panties as a head rest. As I unloaded my stuff up onto the counter, I realized my cashier was a male teen, probably...17? I smiled inwardly, thinking, "He's going to be thrilled to check me out with all this mess of women's underwear!" As he was ringing everything through, I noticed that none of the bras were ringing up correctly. I mentioned it to him, and he looked real confused and started digging back through the bags to retrieve the bras in question. I made a quip (intending to relieve his embarrassment) that I was sure that was just what he was hoping to do today--dig through women's underwear. "Oh--I don't care..." he said, as he shrugged and tried hard to act very cool about the whole deal. Soon he had such a tangled mess of women's lingerie before him...his face was totally glistening with perspiration....and his embarrassment was very apparent. The funniest thing was that he was trying so hard to act like it wasn't a big deal. Customers were stacking up behind me (both were "older" women, who were truly getting a kick out of the whole thing) and he was pushing buttons, swiping barcodes, getting manager overrides. I had NO idea what I was being charged anymore; I was just trying to hold in my giggles. The poor guy!! To make a long, "had to be there" story short, we finally got out of there, and I had a boatload of sexy little underthings. What a relief--no more frumpy nursing bras!

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Jodi said...

This is HILARIOUS!!! Welcome to the blogging world. So glad you finally made it. ;-)