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Monday, June 19, 2006

Back in my shoes again! Becoming a "running family"...

The weekend before last I ran the Curtis Menard 5k www.menardrun.com. Though my time was not too impressive (32:58) it wasn't too bad considering I had not been training (!) Anyway, it felt great to stretch these old legs and get back into the running community. I am inspired to actually get on a regular "training schedule." The prospect of being in good physical condition after 6 years of being pregnant or nursing a baby is enticing. My "coach" husband, started me on a regimen this past week. I am planning to run MTA's Race for Technology this upcoming Saturday. With flat terrain in Palmer, it shouldn't be difficult to improve my time. Anyway, as you notice, the boys are also wearing racing bibs! They each participated in the children's fun run--one lap around the indoor turf. Each received a participation medal...and were thrilled to "run a race like Daddy." Speaking of which, was this past weekend! We are so proud of him--he finished his first marathon www.mayorsmarathon.com and did so in 4 hours, 13 minutes. He reached his 2 goals, which he stated, were: #1: to finish. #2: to not die. Haha! See his running blog; it really is a good story: www.runalaska.blogspot.com


Jodi said...

Oh, you brave woman!

Actually, I need to get into something like this. I need some incentive to get out exercising more--just wanting to lose the baby weight isn't helping because the weight's refusing to budge. After a week of walking several miles every day and eating small meals in Switzerland I come home to find my pants are actually tighter--WHY?????!!! So now that we're getting the cooking and meal planning figured out maybe it's time to be running buds? :o)

Here's something that we heard about in Switzerland on Friday: Jungfrau Marathon. As I was reading your DH's blog I was thinking of this marathon. I won't be joining anytime soon.

Mommy said...

Congrats, Alaska family! Last summer I had plans to be able to run the "Fishy Four" by this summer, but, alas, baby Helms changed those plans. I know, I know, women have run marathons when 8 months pregnant, but I am not one of those women. I have considered walking it, though. We'll see.