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Monday, June 26, 2006

Running Right Along...

My 2nd 5k of the summer, Race for Technology...and we were off! This race, www.mta-telco.com/community/summer.html, was to benefit the borough libraries
and was a balmy 42 degrees at the start. I am pleased to note that my time was 29:30! Again, not very impressive, but considering I shaved 3 1/2 minutes off from the Curtis Menard, I am happy. I have come to the conclusion that I love Palmer races. Palmer is the community where historically, the midwesterners transplanted with government funding to begin farming in Alaska www.palmerchamber.org/. Hence, it is farmland--FLAT farmland. Very good encouragement for someone like me who is newly into the local running scene. My other encouragement, as always, were my sweet husband/"coach" and little gaggle of boys whom greeted me enthusiastically at race-end. "Mommy! I've been missing you so much!" squealed Eaglet, as he ran excitedly into my arms at the finish. "Did I take that long?" I thought to myself as I scooped my little sweetie up and was smothered with love and kisses. Bliss.

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Jodi said...

Whooo-hooooo! Way to go! Wish I could be there cheering you on in person, but rest assured I'm down here (not often I get to say DOWN here to someone, ha, ha!) cheering you in spirit. You've inspired me to try a bit of this myself . . . it looks like my sisters and I will be running/walking the Fishy Four on Saturday. I'll be thinking of you!