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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Good intentions

We went down to our friends' (who just became our new neighbors!) home this afternoon to play around on their snowmachine. Their daughter really wanted to "pull the sled with Baby Spunky in it" and walk home with us. About 25 yards in, she explained that she had a wonderful idea: We should put all the kids in the sled! I helped her add up all their weights, and then asked her, "Now, M, do you suppose Auntie JJ can pull 125 pounds comfortably?!" "No," (duh) "...you and Uncle Tony together!!" Guess who pulled the sled home?


Jodi said...

Look at all that snow! We're lucky if we have an inch on the ground here. It's been a crazy winter.

We met a guy from Alaska when we were on our cruise last week. Actually, he's the guy putting on my "tattoo" in the pictures. He used to live in Alaska and now he's moved to St. Thomas in the Caribbean.

How about when our kids are grown, you and I move to St. Thomas? :D

JJ said...

I'm all for that, Jodi! Sounds great! About the snow...WAIT until I post pics from earlier in the weekend...