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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Catchin' Up My Blog--Eaglet's Birthday

Hard to believe, but Eaglet is FIVE. We took him to a local indoor playground for his special celebration, followed by lunch, cake, gifts, and a pinata at home afterward. He likes underwater scenes, and so we found him the little treasure chest and scuba diver for his cake. Later, to his delight, we washed it up and added it to his goldfishes' tank. The pinata was a first for our family, and I must admit I was a little worried about it and our houseful of boys. We came away unscathed, however, and it ended up being Grandpa who finally smashed the thing open! I WISH I had a picture of THAT! We were laughing for two days about Grandpa's killer smash.


mama said...

WOW!!! Welcome back. You've had some busy days huh!? We have new snow also, we are enjoying it!


JJ said...

Annie S? Is that you? You've been a "lurker" and I never knew it!

mama said...

Yup, that'd be me! :_)

My 5-year-old is telling his Bible verse: "I will sing praise to your name, almost high." He's so cute!

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