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Friday, November 16, 2007

Oh the Things That Cause Excitement....

There was excitement in Boyland this morning. Spunky frantically began pointing to the ceiling yelling, "Uh oh! Fly!" Actually, it sounded more like, "Uh oh! Ohiy!" He had discovered a teeny-tiny spider. Trying to assure him that it really was ok, and that we didn't need to execute emergency procedures only proved to cause more of a commotion. The older two now joined in, "What is that? There's a spider on our ceiling!" Spunky busied himself with scooting a chair over in order to reach the fly swatter, and I realized this was not going to blow over. Because the little bugger was at the highest point of the vaulted ceiling, I could not reach the thing, even standing on a chair. Finally I managed to brush him off a little, causing him to dangle down to the floor. In an instant, three pint-sized boys dropped prostrate to the ground, in a fashion that would have impressed any drill sergeant. They examined the arachnid closely, all the while arguing over what his fate should be.
"Don't hurt him!" exclaimed Eaglet.
"Give me the swatter!" countered Bobcat.
Spunky just sat giggling, nudging the poor creature with his nose in order to make him run.
"We can put him outside."
"No! He'll freeze to death!"
"Let's just let him live in our house."
At this point, Mom finally stepped in with the final decision. "He can't live in here. Bobcat, swat him." This was suddenly met with great approval (Boys can be a bit blood-thirsty, in case you haven't noticed.) and we deposited the remains down the sink.

"Ughhhhh", sighed Eaglet. "I wish there was such a thing as spider snow gear."


dskblawrence said...

Oh J! So glad you found me through A.S. I had lost your blog address, email address etc. I will put you on my favorites(as you have always been a favorite of mine anyway) and keep in touch. We hope to travel to your neck of the woods next summer.
your boys(you lucky thing!)are big and darling. Isn't motherhood the greatest? You and T look fabulous. I can't wait to catch up

mama said...

Bloodthirsty. . .yeah . . . my hubby has taught our boys that the "itsy bitsy spider" song ends with a big SMASH!!

dskblawrence said...

JJ, can I link you from my blog?


JJ said...

Yes, Sandie, link away!