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Monday, October 06, 2008

First Snow!

The first snowfall is always fun...no matter when we get it. We've been watching the snow come steadily down the mountains the past few weeks, and knew it could meet us down here any day. The day was yesterday. It started out raining, then turned to sleet, then snow. The first picture here is from yesterday...the second from today--we were surprised it stayed cold enough not to melt. Well, we're sort of surprised. I guess more is in the forecast. A couple years ago, we had our first fall on October 10, and it stuck the entire winter. This could be it, folks.

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mama said...

So we were in Anchorage on Sunday at a movie. When we got out of the theater, it was snowing hard. We then went to a restaurant and while there it stopped snowing and the sun came back out and melted a lot of it. Back home, yesterday it snowed enough to cover the grass. Last night it started raining, it's been raining all night, and the snow is gone. Weird weather huh?