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Monday, January 05, 2009

Boyland Funnies

A few evenings ago, Wise Bobcat came and sat down next to me and told me all about a funny commercial he'd just seen. I politely chuckled at the 8-year-old humor, to which he replied, "Now THAT'S how you make women laugh!" At this remark, I totally cracked up, to which he replied, "And that's ANOTHER way to make women laugh!"

Spunky's take on the true meaning of Christmas: "Mommy? Christmas is NOT about FRUITCAKE!"(A good lesson learned from Max Lucado's A Fruitcake Christmas...)

Somehow while talking about Baby Brother, we got on the topic of caesarean sections. Eaglet, with a worried and furrowed brow, was full of questions. He then proclaimed, "Well, don't worry, Mommy because God is going to make you strong and able to push Baby out." I told him that I believed that also, and that I know God will take care of us. "Well", with a much-relieved expression, he said, "It's a GOOD THING I don't have to worry about THAT--'cause I'm a BOY!"

Bobcat came running up with a revelatory remark: "Guys? Circumcision and circumstition have VERY different meanings!" (Wait for parents' laughter to subside) "Circumcision is when you have to have a pee pee surgery...and circumstition is when you believe something silly to be true!" Circumstition or superstition?

Excitement of excitements: While unloading out of the van this morning, the two older boys went running around to the side entrance of the house--nothing unusual--but then they came running back, yelling. I had just gotten Spunky out of his car seat and was wondering what on earth could be so exciting, when the older brothers loudly blurted out, "There's dog pee next to OUR door!!" At this, all three ran very hurriedly to inspect. What a great day in Boyland!


Pam said...

These cracked me up!!! Way to document these funnies:) When you go to bed tonight you can celebrate because you're one day closer to meeting your new little one! Praying for you in these last few days....

mama said...

Little ones are just too funny! We could spend hours just blogging all the cute things they say, couldn't we?!

vince+shannon+mattie+ireland +afton said...

Love that Bobcat! I can totally hear and see him saying that!