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Saturday, August 25, 2012

So Big and Yet So Little

The two eldest head out with Daddy and Grandpa to Denali for caribou hunting tomorrow.  It's positively electric around here with all the exciting expectations for the upcoming week....but only for some.

Three-year-old Keiki Honu is quite glum that he won't be going.  Nearly the first thing he did this morning was pack up his little backpack with his hunting supplies:

  • around 15 pairs of underwear
  • toothbrush
  • blankie
  • stuffed rabbit toy
  • water bottle

It broke my heart to tell him, "Not this year, Buddy."  He kept trying to ignore me, and so we just played around about it for the remainder of the day.  He pointed out his t-shirt and said it was his "huntin' chirt."  Then he pointed out his shorts he was wearing, because those were his "huntin' chorts."  He kept talking about how he was "allllll packed up for huntin' with Daddy and Grampa" as we packed up the other three who really ARE leaving.  We had all the gear lined up in the living room as we sorted, and then put the finalized bags on the couch.  At that point, Keiki silently came in and added his little pack to the other bags.  

It's hard for him to understand why he can't go, when we're always telling him what a big boy he is.  Someday I'll be helping him pack up for such adventures, too.  But for now, I'm happy to keep him home with me....after all, they're only little for a little while.


amanda said...

Oh, what a precious little guy! And he's got a good thing going, most men don't pack enough underwear. :)

Jason and Stephanie said...

You almost put tears in my eyes! Poor little guy!!!!

Allison in AK said...

Awww, let him go! Kidding. What a cutie and hope the others were successful!