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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Birthday Party on The Butte

Today we spent a gloriously sunny, spring day with friends in the Alaska outdoors. Our friend Andrew turned the big 0-9. We celebrated with ice cream cones on top of The Butte!


Jodi said...

What beautiful scenery! I want to visit Alaska very much.

mama said...

How on earth did you get the ice cream up there? It's so steep, it's not an easy hike!

What fun!! This is one of the places we miss.

Karen said...

Hi! I linked to your blog from Jodi's--I'm a friend of hers. I have a very random question to ask you.

I know you don't know me...but our whole family (husband, me and 4 kiddos) are coming to Alaska July 4-15th for vacation. Could I ask you, what would you recommend for a family who has never visited Alaska and may never again.....what you suggest (living there) as a priority?

You can email me if you'd like. If you don't have time or think I'm too weird, I TOTALLY understand!


Thanks, beautiful pictures and family!