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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Green Belt??

Thursday afternoon, our little Tang Soo Do artist powered through a 2-hour martial arts testing to try for his green belt. Tang Soo Do testing is among the most stringent martial arts testing in the world. These guys and gals earn their ranks. We'll find out Tuesday if he earned the new rank, but whatever the result, we are SO proud of our big-little guy. He practiced hard and he performed his best. Best of all, he has a blast with this training. Check out that grin as he holds up his broken board!


mama said...

Wow!! YAY!

dskblawrence said...

very impressive. Great to see that kind of dedication and drive in a little kid. He must have some fabulous parents.

Jodi said...

Can't believe he can break a board!
Way to go!

For some reason all your posts just showed up as brand new on my blog reader this morning . . . so that explains why I posted a comment on a really old post. hee, hee!