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Thursday, May 08, 2008

We're Walking for Life!

The boys and I will be walking around a local track on Saturday, May 17 in order to raise money for HeartReach Pregnancy Center. This place is an incredibly positive attribute to our community. They do so much, but in a nutshell, they provide help and support to families and individuals facing unplanned pregnancies. I have volunteered for this organization in different capacities for about 3 years. The boys are very excited to join in helping this time! When I asked Bobcat what he liked about planning to walk for HeartReach, he stated, "Well, it will help the babies...and it would help a lady who is (thoughtful pause) pregnant." 'Nuf said. If any of you readers are interested in sponsoring us, we would surely appreciate it. Our goal is to raise $300. So far, we have $40. It's a stretch but we know it's possible! If you feel led to help in this way, please drop a post and I'll contact you...or you can just call us if you know our number. Thank you!


mama said...

We'd love to support you! our pregnancy center does theirs in September and we've been unable to do it every year. Maybe this year.

JJ said...

Thanks a million, Mama and Family! We're up to $145.