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Friday, September 19, 2008

Beautiful Day

We had a gift of a day yesterday...it stopped raining and a delicious, fall-scented breeze came through, drying things up and freshening the air. Could it even be? SUNSHINE!


Jodi said...

We've had the same down here!

Funny thing, your middle child looks very much like another friend's son, so I thought I was looking at her blog when I saw the first picture. Then as I scrolled down I was wondering, who are those other kids? Took me a few minutes. :)

mama said...

It was gorgeous here too. We went to pre-planned activities: an indoor picnic (planned to be indoors on account of the predictable wet weather) and a home school fellowship (also indoors). . . just can't win can we?

Jen said...

oh how I miss those cool, leafy, fall smellin days!!! So glad you guys got out to enjoy it!!! Such handsome and precious boys you have.
Love, Jen