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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Today We Found Mile Zero

June 30, 2014
We found our way to the beginning of the Alcan today...which is actually the end of it for us...this time, anyway.
This is how we came to Alaska in 1998...

...and this is how we left Alaska in 2014.  MUCH fuller, and in so many ways

We're hunkered down here in Dawson Creek for a night or maybe two...because this is a very pleasant place to be, and we could use a rest.

Today we also found summer.  Our campground is just a short walk away from a darling park with a swimming pond, and the boys were in their trunks and ready before we'd even set up camp!

I honestly had reverse-sticker-shock at Safeway today.  8 ears of the freshest corn we've eaten in years was $3.38.  (We typically pay 79 cents per ear in AK for much older corn.) 

We also scarfed down 2 large containers of organic strawberries for $3 each.  (These would cost about $6 each in AK and 1/4 of the container would be moldy.)  We all felt as though we'd tasted strawberries for the first time ever in our lives.  They were simply amazing. We'll definitely be picking up a couple more containers tomorrow!

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