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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Welcome to Alberta

Our stay in Grande Prairie was not real grand.  After our drive through such mountain grandeur we were all a little morose over the busyness of this booming town.  We spent the night outside a corn field on a parking lot because there was no room in the inn, so to speak.  Turned out pretty well though, because it was much quieter for us there, I think. 

The following day, June 2, we spent way too long navigating through town to have some vehicle servicing done.  However, the people we encountered were over-the-top kind and helpful.  Grande Prairie is one happenin' place, but we were happy to leave it!

We decided to take the Bighorn Highway out of Grande Prairie, and quickly felt at home again as the prairie turned to wilderness foothills of the Canadian Rockies.  The road turned back into a patchwork mess similar to the roads in the Yukon.

This  was an all-new route for us, as we did not take the Icefield Parkway driving up in 1998.  Until this day, I never knew how beautiful Alberta is.  We saw some deer--one mama with a tiny, spotted fawn, and 2 others.  One of these ran out across the road in front of us.  I had forgotten how fast they are!

On this night we perched at KOA outside Hinden, AB.  We had the best site in the park, on an end with a large lawn and right across from showers, a Coke machine (!) and a playground.  The little boys played with newly-made friends while the big boys caught up on showers.  I sat blissfully with my pen (no internet which is why I'm catching up now) and a stunning view of the Canadian Rockies in the distance.  Couldn't wait until the next day!

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