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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bears and Bison and Hotsprings, Oh My!

Cute li'l tot with a White Spruce.  The boys have been so fascinated with the different flora!
We left our campsite on day #6 with plans to find our signs in the signpost forest in Watson Lake.  For those unfamiliar, in 1942 an Army Private put up a directional sign to his hometown.  It began a tradition of folks leaving signs from all over the world.  There are over 77,000 at present. 

Tony and I left 2 license plates in 1998, and we thought it would be fun to find them.  The short of it is, we didn't find them.  :)  This particular day held temps in the (gasp!) 70s and full sun, and the larger half of our crowd thought they were going to melt into a puddle of displaced Alaskans.  This, along with how the signpost forest has grown since 1998, led us not to find them.  However, I did find this little gem:
Back on the road, and boy did we get a show today!  
It was so amazing to run into bear after bear after bear.  They were so content and peaceful to just munch their wildflowers beside the road.  We would stop and watch them for long stretches...take potty breaks...make lunch...all the while watch the bears and then sometimes there would be another to slowly drive ahead to.
Baby's first drive down the Al-Can
The total for the day was eight black bears, 3 single bison, a herd of 30+ bison (including teeny-weenie baby...awwww!) and a pair of Trumpeters.  Beautiful, beautiful country.  Have I mentioned I love Canada?
Then as if the day couldn't get any better, we stayed at Liard Hotsprings this particular night.  Ahhh.  That place is definitely a little taste of Heaven.
Heading to the pools...looking for hotwater fish
Once again, you'll find Mama in the hot pool
We had ourselves a good, long swim/soak Friday night....and did it all over again Saturday morning.  I cannot tell you how much I love this place.

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Anonymous said...

I have loved your trip updates... bringing back memories of this exact trip in our camper from 3 years ago! the hot springs were one of my favorite stops:) have safe travels!!-Jocelyn Ness