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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day #7, Toad River, British Columbia

Internet is quite sketchy in the Yukon and northern B.C., and this is the first reliable service we've had.  All the days are beginning to blur together already, so it feels great to catch-up on these posts.  We began our day with another good, long soak & swim at Liard Hotsprings.  Can't describe how much I love that place! 

After breaking camp, we took a shorter drive today through a part of B.C. that reminds us a lot of Hatcher Pass.  We saw one lone bison today, just out of Liard.  We also drove around gorgeous Muncho Lake.
Alek was so inspired by the beauty, he pulled out his pencils and nature journal

We've spent the later part of the afternoon and this evening here along Reflections Lake in Toad River.
 Interesting and quirky place, for sure!  One example would be about 800 hats tacked to the ceiling of the roadhouse.  But they can certainly rustle up an incredible burger.  We treated ourselves to burgers and shakes.  Cost $150, but they were INCREDIBLE. 

It's been a relax and reset type of evening, with getting a load of laundry done, having a campfire, watching the moose across the lake, downloading photos, and writing.  It's dark now, and  5/7 of us are sleeping soundly.  I think I'll join them.  Farewell from Toad River, British Columbia.

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Tiffany Borges said...

Wait, what? $150!?

Glamping, for sure.