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Saturday, June 28, 2014

So We Move, But Still Stand Solid

All the planning and preparations and selling-off and good-byes and see-you-soons--they've come and gone.  Last Sunday found us ready to launch.  It felt surreal.  It felt exhilarating.  It felt sad, too.  With all the uprootedness, there has still been a firm, solid place to stand. 

With that sure footing, and after saying the hardest of "see you soons," we loaded up our little house on wheels, and headed out to grab coffees and Italian sodas for the last time at our favorite drive-through coffee shop.  Because, you know, even with sure footing on the Immoveable Rock, one gets thirsty.
We just couldn't leave Alaska without one last romp in my favorite place in the world.  So we took our drinks and trucked off to Hatcher Pass.  Like one last, fantastic parting gift, the skies opened and we enjoyed blue sky and sunshine in the most magnificent of places.

And when we were through, we traveled through Palmer and took a last, left-hand turn onto the Glenn Highway.  Off to Glenallen.  Day #1.

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Necee L said...

Love the updates!!! Awesome pix!