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Saturday, June 28, 2014

O Canada!

I love Canada.  Day #4 found us waking on lovely Kluane Lake in the Yukon, sunshine glittering on its waters.  The mountains were crystal clear with every rock and cranny visible.  I really didn't want to leave!  But despite the beauty, it was cold--very cold--and this is Operation Sunshine afterall!  So we headed off toward Whitehorse to warm up at Takhini Hotsprings Campground.
"Hot pool" says Little Brother

You'll find Mama in the warmest pool
Takhini was the first experience of an outdoor pool that any of the boys remember.  Praise the Lord there will be a lot more of these in our future!
Campsite at Takhini Hotsprings
Day #5 and we loaded up for Watson Lake.  Saw a big mama Black Bear with an older cub and also a moose trotting alongside the highway during our drive.  We stayed at a campground outside of Watson Lake, actually, and apparently they'd been having a lot of bear trouble.  We decided to play it safe and keep Chuggie in for the night.

Cool historic bridge along the way

We'd been bracing ourselves for Watson Lake, because when we stayed there in 1998, the mosquitoes were gigantic and nearly sucked us dry.  We tent camped during that trip, and after having snuggled in with the kitty that night, we heard the dogs rustling around and even yelping.  We unzipped the tent to see a large, black mass of mosquitoes hanging on the end of one of the dog's noses as he whined and pawed at his face and had diarrhea from the stress out the other end.  I cupped my hands around his muzzle and my hands became a bloody mess.  Tony wound up sleeping in the car that night with the dogs (the dogs would chew the seats if unattended.)  Ahh memories of the Al-Can!  It's a dream-come-true to be doing this trip again, and with our sons.  I'm happy to report that our stay in Watson Lake was not anything like our previous!  O Canada!

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