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Monday, October 06, 2014

Bye-Bye, Seizures; We Won't Miss You: day 6

One of the biggest reasons we decided to make this change and go on this journey is health issues.  I've been struggling the last few years with some strange and chronic issues.  Despite so many doctors, treatments, diet changes, etc., we haven't been able to figure it out.  We've been hoping that some time in a mild climate would give my body just the boost it needs to kick this whatever-it-is.

So far, I'm about the same, and if not, I've gone slightly backward.  That is probably due to the stress that such a venture involves. However, we've had a brilliant silver lining, and it has to do with one of our sons, not me.

Our third son has epilepsy.  Upon beginning travel, we noticed a distinct change in the amount and length of his seizures within the first two weeks.  They steadily decreased, and those that he did have were a fraction of the length they used to be.

Since moving into our rental home here in Tennessee, we can count on one hand how many seizures he's had.  This is amazing, and something to celebrate, as not too long ago it was common for him to have 20 petit mal seizures before breakfast alone.  Mass amounts of seizures were just a daily part of life for him and us, along with research and trial treatments and all sorts of measures to try and find the root of the problem.

Praise God, our Healer!  I have no idea whether our son  was on his way to complete healing if we stayed in Alaska anyway.  I don't know if the mild weather, massive increase of sunshine, and varied flora of this environment have anything to do with it.  But I know I'm incredibly thankful.  We've been on a long, weary, and worrisome road with epilepsy.  If this is where we see our Cub become epilepsy-free, whatever the actual reason, it's something to love about the South.


Unknown said...

Praise God for His grace in easing and maybe healing!! Miss you all so much!!! -love, stephanie B

Angela Polder said...

What an awesome thing to be able to Praise our Heavenly Father for!!

Anonymous said...

Judy Hills: Praise God!

Lori Froehle: AWESOME!

Mary Lewis: Great News!!!

Andrea Davidson: Praise!

Jennie Hannah Smith: Praise God!

Ingrid Wahl: That is a wonderful development & blessed change! So happy for u all !

Melissa Cherry Reimers: whoopwhoop! go God!

Joy Crosby: Yes!!!!

Shannon Hardin Paulson: That's so awesome!!!

Magdoline Abadir: We can never know the depth of God's love, or always understand why we are placed in difficult situations or different environments. But one thing remains. His love never fails and He is working it all for our good.

Deb Loomis: (heart)

Sarah Schlosser Furst: Amazing and wonderful! How awesome is our God!

Iris N Paul Caldentey: (thumbs up)

Robbie Jo Flug Ellefson: That is amazing news. God is good all the time. All the time God is good

Sherry Forschen: Great news Jessica!

Shirley Perryman: Hi Jessica,
I am not sure if you remember me but my aunt shared your blog while we visited AK. I just read about your adoption journey and wanted to encourage you. We just completed our adoption of two little boys. It has been a long process but we felt The Lord was directing us and we wanted to walk in obedience like James 1:27 mentions. If at some point The Lord opens the opportunity to look at domestic adoption, please pray about it. My husband and I had saved for international adoption for some time and then when we moved back to America, the Lord changed our situation to where we could only adopt domestically. Wow was that different then what we had been thinking. But He blessed obedience and we now have two sweet boys to add to our family who will now be reared to know and hopefully love The Lord. Our family of seven is trying to learn our new normal of being together, homeschooling, running a dairy farm and being active duty military. Please Jessica do not lose hope. If The Lord put adoption on your hearts, He is faithful. I will be praying for you and you family. If you are ever close to VA, we would love to visit. Blessings, Michelle McKenzie

Barbara Rohde Tanner: Totally brings a smile to me! God is Good! Love the south, bugs and all

Angela PolderFamily: Made my heart leap for joy!!
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